Trevithick Class Y4

Trevithick Class is our Y4 Class and part of the Innovators Stage. We work closely with Marconi and Berners Lee who are also part of The Innovators Stage at Skol Nansledan.
We have P.E on Monday afternoons with our class teacher.
Mrs Steele teaches us on Friday afternoons.
Our class is named after Cornish engineer Richard Trevithick.
Miss Gilbert

Class Teacher

Miss Hanlan

Teaching Assistant

Miss Manners

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Steele


Our new homework grid for Spring Term 1 can be downloaded below: 
Here is an overview of our planned learning for this term:
Archive - Autumn Term learning
Greek Day - Session 1
Greek Day - Session 2
Greek Day - Session 3
This term, we have been studying Cornish myths and legends including 'The Mermaid of Zennor' and 'The White Horse of Zennor'. We created our own Cornish myths and made some characters from salt dough. Take a look at the gallery below:
In Science, we have been learning about light and shadow. This week, we were set the challenge of creating an interesting shadow using objects around the classroom. We explored how shadows can be created and how they can change. 

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