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Our EYFS curriculum philosophy:

I will either find a way or make one

Our EYFS Curriculum is STEAM based, supporting an array of valuable lifelong learning skills. We want children to be engineers, architects, scientists, artists and mathematicians. We aim to ignite a sense of discovery as children experience scientific, engineering and mathematical skills in their play. We deliver an integrated approach to learning, encouraging children’s critical thinking, curiosity, enthusiasm for learning and building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive.

Our practical, playful STEAM approach to learning is based on the needs and interests of our children and is delivered through topic-based planning. We teach children individually, in small groups and whole classes through a combination of teacher input and continuous provision opportunities. Learning is planned to allow the children to develop their learning independently and consistently through exploration and challenge.

Our learning environments both inside and outside are carefully planned STEAM rich environments, that provide children with a variety of resources that encourage children to wonder, explore and create. Children explore, practise and refine learning, using a core set of resources which are built upon throughout the year. Our learning environment is stimulating, exciting and relevant to the needs and age of our children. We aim to provide a calm atmosphere conductive to learning, whilst easily accessible resources develop children’s ability to access the curriculum independently.




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