Berners-Lee Class Y3

Berners-Lee Class is one of our Y3 classes. We form part of The Innovators Stage. We work closely with our partner Y3 Class, Marconi and our Y4 Class, Trevithick.
We have P.E on Tuesday afternoons with Mrs Steele, our sports coach.
We complete AR quizzes during quiet reading time when we have finished our reading books.
Our class is named after Tim Berners-Lee who is a computer scientist that invented the World Wide Web. Did you know that the internet is not the World Wide Web? We spent time thinking about life before Berners-Lee's invention and how much easier it is to communicate with each other because of the WWW. We loved learning about Berners-Lee and his awesome innovation! 
Our class is a team - we are innovators, educators, leaders and learners of the 21st century!
Today's learners, tomorrow's leaders...
Miss Dixon

Class Teacher

Mrs Steele


Mrs Denning

SEN Teaching Assistant

Miss Hall

Teaching Assistant

Mr Griffin

Teaching Assistant

Autumn 1
Stones and Bones
How did people in the Stone Age survive?
Autumn 2
Glow in the Dark
How do the Christmas lights shine?
Spring 1
Forces in Motion
How do forces and magnets help us?
Spring 2
Buzz Off!
How can we encourage pollinators and why is this important?
Summer 1
Brains and Bodies
Why so many bones?

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