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Skol Nansledan has taken on a whole school approach for RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) and Health Education called SCARF throughout years R - 6.

SCARF stands for Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience & Friendship so the programme reflects our core values and teaches attitudes of understanding and acceptance of those of other cultures, faiths and capabilities both physical and mental.

SCARF aims to help children know and value who they are and how they relate to other people. It teaches children to become aware of their thoughts and feelings throughout the programme, relating this to the PSHE subject matter being studied. The scheme of work is values-based and uses a ‘Growth Mindset’ approach promoting positive behaviour, mental health, wellbeing, resilience and achievement.

SCARF consists of six themed units of work containing weekly lessons. The themes are whole-school and are supported and developed further through assemblies. 

Below are the themes that will be covered each half term. Also below, you will find attached a document outlining the planned content (SCARF Long term Plan)

Autumn 1: Me & My Relationships

Autumn 2: Valuing Differences

Spring 1: Keeping Myself Safe

Spring 2: Rights 7 Responsibilities

Summer 1: Being My Best

Summer 2: Growing & Changing

SCARF raises self-awareness, group awareness, collaboration skills, teamwork experience, respectfulness, etc., preparing children for the wider world and their position in it.

If your child raises an issue at home that you are not sure how to respond to and you wish to gain further information, please see the class teacher in the first instance for guidance on what was covered in the lesson. 


‘Today’s children and young people are growing up in an increasingly complex world and living their lives seamlessly on and offline….children and young people need to know how to be safe and healthy, and how to manage their academic, personal and social lives in a positive way’ 
(DfE Guidance on Relationships Education, Sex Education and Health Education 2019)

SCARF is fully compliant with the DfE Statutory Relationships and Health Education Guidance.  This includes ALL the statutory requirements for RSE and Health Education. SCARF ensures all children are given this human reproduction information in an age and stage appropriate way. 

At Skol Nansledan, we recognise the need to equip children to understand what healthy and positive relationships are and how to keep themselves safe. Therefore, Relationships Education is not only about intimate relationships, it also includes learning about families and friendships, kindness and acceptance of others who are different from ourselves, how we treat and look after ourselves and the importance of community.  

We are also using SCARF's Mental Health Toolkit to support our recovery curriculum as pupils return to school  following the Covid-19 pandemic school closure period. Children's mental health on their return to school will impact significantly on their ability to learn and related attainment so this subject area is of vital importance.

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