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Computing at Nansledan
Computing knowledge & understanding underpins modern life and the 21st Century. Pupils need to build vital confidence, knowledge and understanding of the way technologies work - and how internet-connected systems can be employed - in order to adapt flexibly to ever rapid change over coming years. Computing in our STEAM curriculum links to the T for Technology.  Starting in EYFS, pupils at Nansledan are introduced and exposed to a wide range of technology to ignite their curiosity and enhance learning. We show our pupils the importance of using technology in all areas of the curriculum but, most importantly, we focus on how to use technology safely. We want our pupils to become the next Bill Gates, Berners Lee or Margaret Hamilton.

Our aim is that our children will be responsible, competent, confident and creative users of IT. The curriculum teaches them to be cautious and safe users of internet-connected technologies, as befits our modern age and community.

Digitally confident learners equipped with modern Computing knowledge will:

• Understand how information technology, data systems, and the internet function

• Understand and be able to apply key programming concepts

• Design, create and manipulate various digital artefacts and media

• Competently apply operational skills to many types of technology

• Be cautious and safe users of screen and internet-based services

• Explain knowledge and understanding using key vocabulary


Online Safety


At Nansledan School, Online Safety is taught regularly throughout the year, beginning in Early Years and continuing all the way up to Year Six. We use Project Evolve and a variety of other sources to cover the eight areas set out by The UK Safer Internet Council’s Education for a Connected World.

The Education for a Connected World framework describes the Digital knowledge and skills that children and young people should have the opportunity to develop at different ages and stages of their lives. It highlights what a child should know in terms of current online technology, its influence on behaviour and development, and what skills they need to be able to navigate it.


Education for a Connected World focuses specifically on eight different aspects of online education:

1. Self-image and Identity

2. Online relationships

3. Online reputation

4. Online bullying

5. Managing online information

6. Health, wellbeing and lifestyle

7. Privacy and security

8. Copyright and ownership

Computing in the Early Years
At Nansledan, we use technology to excite and motivate children. A range of technologies are used to support to enhance learning. Our pupils  will learn how to become safe users of technology. They have regular access to a wide range of technologies on a daily basis such as: interactive whiteboard, tablets, programmable toys e.g Beebots. Pupils learn how to capture learning using photos and videos on the tablet and these can be shared with parents on Tapestry. Our pupils will learn to play and explore; participate in active learning  and become creative and critical thinkers using a range of technology to stimulate them in their learning environment. 
Careers in Computing
National curriculum objectives are further supplemented by inspiring pupils to aspire to careers involving computing through a range of homework opportunities, whole school Steam competitions and guests invited to the school e.g Space Port Cornwall. Pupils recognise that diversity is important and are introduced to a wide range of individuals excelling in their fields. 
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