Curie Class Y2

Curie Class is one of our two Year 2 classes.
We are part of the Discoverers Stage, working closely with the rest of Year 2 and Year 1 team across Key Stage 1. All of the Year Two adults work closely together and know the children in both Anning and Curie classes well. We also encourage the children to play, work and learn together across the two classes.
We have our PE lesson with Mrs Reskelly on Friday afternoons.
Our class is named after Marie Curie, an extraordinary scientist and the first woman ever to win a Nobel Prize. Her discovery of radioactivity and radiation paved the path to new effective cancer treatments.

Mrs Tamblyn

Class Teacher

Mrs Howard

Teaching Assistant

Ms Mills-MacQueen

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Evans

Teaching Assistant

Here is an overview of our planned learning for this term:

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