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Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity

Physical Education at Nansledan
Children receive a broad and balanced curriculum through explicit teaching of physical, social and emotional skills, alongside gaining a knowledge and understanding of the impact of physical activity.
Our pupils will receive a minimum of two hours of high-quality Physical Education and sports as part of our broad balanced STEAM curriculum.
In the EYFS Physical Development is a prime area. There are two aspects within Physical Development – Moving and Handling and Health and self-care. Aspects of Physical Development are taught daily through continuous provision areas, outdoor activities, Understanding of the World, Literacy, Mathematics and specific gross and fine motor activities. For example, in the environment children will have access to big building blocks to lift, move and carry to help them build their designs, this develops their gross motor skills. Children will also have access to scissors to cut paper which develops their fine motor skills. Their physical development is further developed with two weekly PE lessons. Throughout KS1 our curriculum focuses on developing fundamental movement skills and physical literacy. In KS2 our curriculum develops these skills in a variety of sports, both traditional and less traditional such as Quidditch.
Our PE activities are planned to encourage the children to develop a positive attitude towards keeping fit and healthy, providing opportunities for them to participate in team activities and develop their skills through a range of physical activities.
All lessons provide a progressive PE curriculum, differentiated appropriately to accelerate children’s physical skills and provide challenges to all abilities. Developing active lifestyles In addition to our P.E lessons, we promote our children to be physically active in lessons and through additional activities such as the Daily Mile and Funfit.
Our curriculum has been planned to develop a positive attitude towards physical activity and ensure a healthy, active lifestyle is embedded. Extra Curricular We are members of both the Newquay Sports Network and Aspire Schools Sports Networks, ensuring there are plenty of opportunities for the professional development of staff and for pupils to participate in competitive sports or sports festivals. The Newquay Sports Network festivals run on a Wednesday afternoon and Mrs Allen is our Sports Coach for these!
As a school, we have a great focus on children’s physical and mental health, we want children to leave our school being confident at being their best self.
Miss Humphrey

Physical Education Lead

Mrs Steele

KS1 Sports Coach

Mrs Allen

KS2 Sports Coach

STEAM Careers
Developing pupils' skills in Physical Education is vital to support them in their learning, but also beyond their years in education, where they may choose to engage in a range of careers, such as those identified below. 

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