Design and Technology, Engineering

Design, Technology and Engineering is important at Nansledan School  because it’s part of our everyday life.
We believe our curriculum is equipping and inspiring a future generation to peruse careers in STEM subjects such as  engineering, aviation, marine science and space technology to best serve the future needs of children living in Nansledan. 
Engineering unifies our STEM curriculum through engineering projects that ask children to design solutions for real-world problems. The engineering aspect, allows our pupils to develop their inherent curiosity, creativity, organisation and logic.  Engineering covers a number of disciplines, including resistant materials, food technology, textiles, and graphic design.

Design and technology skills and knowledge are built on throughout the primary age in the areas of construction of products, textiles and food technology. Our youngest children explore skills show as how to attach materials together using everyday objects and this is built on in later years with children investigating permanent and semi permanent joins. Throughout our design and technology lessons we are teaching the children:

  • how to develop, plan and communicate their ideas 
  • how to work safely with different tools and equipment to make quality products
  • how to evaluate products and processes

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