Welcome to Nansledan School

Welcome to Nansledan School (Skol Nansledan in Cornish).

Our school aims to nurture intelligent, employable global citizens who demonstrate social competence, a desire for learning and respect for each other and the world around them. Our mission is to provide an outstanding education that ensures all pupils can reach their greatest potential and live by life’s highest values

Our innovative STEAM curriculum is broad and balanced and built around the principles of active discovery and experiential learning, using Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding pupil enquiry, dialogue and critical thinking. 

The children of Nansledan School are the innovators, educators, leaders and learners of the 21st century and the school motto “Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Leaders” reflects this vision.

Please contact us if you'd like to arrange a visit, we'd be delighted to show you around our amazing brand new school!  

Mrs Vicky Dilnot

Head of School

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