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Here you will find our STEAM Topic Curriculum Overviews each half term. As children return to school in September 2020, we recognise that, for many, this will be the first time they have attended school in 6 months. Our Recovery Curriculum has been put in place to address this.
Our Recovery Curriculum acknowledges that there have been big losses to children as they have stayed at home. The focus for schools this autumn is on ensuring that pupils are ready to learn and as such social and emotional learning will be prioritised. The act of recovery is at least as much an emotional and social one as it is academic, and our ability to recognise and plan for this will be at the heart of our learners’ eventual success.  An increased proportion of curriculum time will need to focus on wellbeing to help our children recover emotionally while sensibly addressing their gaps in learning.

Academic recovery in the Autumn Term relies on an increased focus on the key fundamental skills. Increased time in each class will be spent on reading, writing and maths through whole school strategies, targeted support to address identified gaps in learning and personalised support for those who need some extra catching up. We plan to keep our STEAM curriculum themes but recognise that, in the Autumn Term, time must be dedicated to vital catch up learning. Addressing the negative impact of school closures will require a sustained response but will work hard to get our pupils back on track, returning to our full and broad curriculum by the Summer Term.