In-Year Transfer applications open end of May 2019

How to apply

*The application process for Reception Class - September 2019 admissions his now closed*
*In-Year transfers open late Spring - click on 'Transferring to Nansledan School'*

You can apply online for a school place via School Admissions at 

If you need further advice on the application process please contact or call 0300 1234 101

For help completing the application, understanding the process or other aspects of school admissions, or if your family's first language is not English, you can also contact the Family Information Service on 0800 587 8191 or at

As Nansledan School is brand new and we don't know how many, and of what age, the children applying will be, we are aiming to open up 4 classes for September 2019.  There will be up to two Reception Classes (4/5 year olds) and x 1 mixed KS1 class (children who would be in the Y1 & Y2 age bracket) and x 1 mixed KS2 class (children who are in the Y3 to Y6 age bracket).  As the years go by, with more children coming in, rising numbers will mean eventually each year group has its own class. 

Should we reach our maximum numbers at initial opening stage, then we would apply standard admissions procedures i.e. a sliding scale of children with additional needs, children in care and 'as the crow flies' distance door-to-door.  This admissions procedure would then be in force, on a permanent basis, once the school has its full 60 pupils per academic year intake.